Befriending Your Body Workshop

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What You’ll Learn:

Sick of being at war with your body? Ready to explore the idea of befriending your body? Then this educational and experiential workshop is for you! You will be guided through the 5 dimensions of embodiment to deepen your understanding of healing body shame and be invited to begin offering connection and comfort to your own body.
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Join Certified Body Trust® Provider, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Holistic Psychotherapist Jennifer DiGennaro in this 45 minute workshop on Befriending Your Body. In this workshop Jennifer shares her expertise and heart as she offers a deeper understanding of what it means to befriend your body and the barriers to living at peace in your body.

You will learn about each of the 5 dimensions of embodiment from the research of Niva Piran, as well as the disruptions to embodiment in each of these dimensions so many face. Jennifer creatively presents the dimensions and offers up guided inquiry, readings, personal stories and examples to help bring in a deeper understanding of what it means to befriend your body and be embodied. Just some of the things you will hopefully come away with are a practice in creating a “nurture surround” to comfort your body, insight into how intuitive eating is path to deeper embodiment and an invitation to start connecting to your own voice, choice, needs, desires and heart.

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Meet your workshop instructor, Jennifer DiGennaro MA, LPC.

Jennifer DiGennaro MA, LPC, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Grand Rapids, MI. She is a Certified Body Trust® Provider, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and a NARM® Therapist as well as the founder of Nourished Energy Holistic Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling. She specializes in treating chronic dieting, binge eating disorder, body shame, complex trauma, and relationship issues. She brings a deep passion to her trauma-informed, evidence-based and heart-centered clinical work. Jennifer is committed to ending the war that is waged against bodies in our culture and believes one powerful place to start is in our own bodies.

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