WELCOME TO Non-Diet-y Nutrititon School

Gentle Meal Planning & Non-Diet-y Nutrition. For Mental and Physical Health!

A weight-neutral, gentle nutrition course that teaches you to eat in a way that feels good. Without going back to tracking, counting, measuring, or obsessing!

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6 Weeks of Gentle Nutrition Education


8 Weeks Of BFf-Level Support


9 Exclusive Meal Plans & Recipes


Permission To Have Your Cake—And Eat A Salad, Too!

Bravo, gorgeous! You broke your food rules and learned to trust your body. That means…

🍩 Donuts do not phase ya. 🍦 Ice cream is no longer inhaled! 🍞 And carbs? They’ve gone from foe to BEST friend.

But as AMAZING as allowing all foods and honoring taste hunger feels mentally…you might not be FEELING your best physically. (I know I didn’t!)

Here’s what I want you to know:

You 👏 are 👏 allowed 👏 to want more energy, balanced meals, and better nutrition. Even as an Intuitive Eater, nutrition DOES play a role! (Just not the LEAD role it played before.)

There’s a next step in your journey. One final step. And, you might already be craving it 😉

Introducing: Non-Diet-y Nutrititon School

The 6-week course that teaches Intuitive Eaters to embrace gentle nutrition and plan out meals that feel good—without feeling diet-y, restricted, or obsessed!


Intuitive Eating + Gentle Nutrition = BFFs

When you want to turn up the dial on your physical health without sacrificing your mental health…finding the right path can feel like walking in a diet culture minefield!

SO many options out there are heavily weight-focused, steeped in diet culture, or straight-up diets-in-disguise. And it’s okay to not go near ‘em with a 10-foot pole.

Nutrition Without The Diet? Yes Please!

In my 6-week, Nutrition Permission program, I’ll teach you how to choose foods because they FEEL good to you. Not because some diet—or the version of Intuitive Eating you see on Instagram—tells you to.

My approach isn’t prescriptive OR restrictive, and it’s definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all plan. It’s about turning up the volume on your intuition—and putting EVEN MORE distance between you and diet culture.


Gentle Nutrition Is My Peanut Butter (I Love It More Than Jam!)

Hey, gorgeous! I’m Colleen: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, past dieter, and current food freedom expert. I use my courses and content to help gals like us ditch diets and eat in a way that feels good.

👉 And while I DO use and looove me some Instagram, I have a bone to pick with it! Insta makes intuitive eating look like it’s ONLY donuts, cookies, cake, and carbs—leaving OUT nutrition entirely. Which is guaranteed to leave ya feelin’ like poo and thinking intuitive eating “didn’t work” for you!

I created Non-Diet-y Nutrititon School to help you become a TRUE intuitive eater. So if you LOVE food freedom but you want to feel good too, girlie, this is your missing piece!

You’re Allowed To Be Intuitive And Incorporate Nutrition Into Your Days

Intuitive eating is ALL about doing what feels right to you. So gentle nutrition? It abso-freaking-lutely fits in!

Non-Diet-y Nutrititon School Is For You If…

  • You’ve been working on intuitive eating
  • You want to dive deeper into gentle nutrition
  • You’re struggling or scared to implement gentle nutrition
  • You want to save time, money, and stress with meal planning and prep…but NOT get obsessive

It’s NOT For You If…

  • You’re at the beginning of your intuitive eating journey
  • You’re still working on breaking food rules
  • You’re just looking to follow a set meal plan
  • You’re seeking a “quick fix” weight loss diet

Stop Being Told What’s Healthy & Learn To FEEL The Difference

Mastering gentle nutrition is the final step to becoming a full-on intuitive eater and eating in a way that feels good for life!

“My Biggest Win Was Learning How To Eat In A Way That Makes Me Feel Good In My Body!”

I loved the GNC Colleen breaks down all of the components of food like sodium, carbohydrates, protein, dairy, water and just explains why each of them is important but focuses on why they’re important to your body.

My biggest win was learning how to eat in a way that makes me feel good in my body! In a way that I know that I’m just going to feel my best, have the most energy, and be able to support myself and my lifestyle. – BAILEE D.

You Won’t Be Told What To Eat, You’ll Learn How To Eat


Each week, we focus on ONE area of nutrition, and you get a video lesson, a sample meal plan, recipes, and a grocery list to help you experiment with working it into your life. 

You’ll also get a weekly reflection sheet to fill out—this is where the intuitive part comes in!—so you can make your OWN decisions about what feels good and what’s most important to you.

And all the plans are SUPER flexible—so you can follow to a T, take a few ideas for inspo, or ignore it and take your own approach!

Week one

Nutrition basics & meal planning intro

Week Two

Feeling the difference with fruits & veggies

Week Three

The power of whole grains & fiber

Week Four

All about the “f” words: fats & fish

Week Five

Demystifying dairy & hydration

Week Six

The whole truth about processed foods vs. whole foods

Everything You Need To Master Non-Diet-y Nutrition


  • 6 weeks of nutrition guidance via easy-to-digest—see what we did there?—video lessons. (Also available via a private podcast!)
  • 7 group coaching sessions with ME to make sure you master the info!
  • 8 weeks of access to our private community for super-supportive guidance.
  • 9 weeks of easy-to-execute, flexible, dietary-needs-friendly, gentle nutrition-focused meal plans you can use over and over.
  • TONS of 30-minute recipes and grocery lists for major time savings!
  • Lifetime access to ALL future updates AND live coaching sessions!

limited time bonuses!

  • Dealing With The Dieters In Your Life Workshop with Vinny Welsby (Worth $700)
    YOU know intuitive eating is the bomb, but not everyone “gets it”. Vinny—TedX speaker, author, and world-leading expert on dismantling fatphobia and diet culture—will teach you to navigate tricky convos so diet culture can’t derail your progress.
  • Audio Meditations (Worth $150)
    For most of us, food is a coping mechanism we turn to in times or stress. To eat intuitively, we need new ways to take care of ourselves. These meditations are a HUGE help when emotions try to take away from our ability to eat intuitively.
  • Pilates Classes with Helen Phelan (Worth $350)
    Helen is an award-winning, body-neutral pilates instructor. She takes the same approach to movement that I do to food. These sessions were created exclusively for members of The SociEATy and can’t be found anywhere else!


Join Now For Lifetime Access To ALL Future Updates
and Live Coaching Sessions!

That’s right, gorgeous! If you join Non-Diet-y Nutrition School right the heck now—at
THE lowest price I’ll ever offer it for again—you’ll lock in your own VIP access to ALL
future course updates AND future rounds of live coaching.

That means you can refer back to the material for life…
Access updated content as soon as it’s ready…
And hop on into ANY live Non-Diet-y Nutrition School coaching calls I do in the

So whether you’re ready for gentle nutrition TODAY, or you’re still working on
intuitive eating but want to do this course in the future, this program is for you
and now’s the time to join!


2 monthly payments of $169

  • 6 weeks of nutrition guidance
  • 7 group coaching sessions
  • 8 weeks of a private community for support & guidance
  • 9 weeks of easy-to-execute, flexible, dietary needs friendly gentle nutrition focused meal plans and grocery lists
  • TONS of 30-minute recipes and grocery lists for major time savings
  • Lifetime access to ALL future updates and LIVE coaching sessions!

pay in full

one payment of $297

  • Includes all of the same benefits but at a $41savings!

“I Love That Colleen Takes out All The Morality From Food Choices!”

I love Colleen’s Gentle Nutrition Course! I’m so glad that I purchased it! I love that Colleen takes out all of the mortality associated with food choices.

She just analyzes it in a very understandable way. In the past when I’ve met with licensed nutritionists, or read books, or gone to classes I came away feeling guilty and like I’ll never be able to do this because I can never eat cake again or I could never drink diet Pepsi again or whatever the thing is that I love. But with Colleen’s approach, it’s all just food guys, that’s all that it is! -DENISE W.

Daily DMs & FAQs


You get instant access the moment you enroll! The next live coaching round will happen during the fall of 2022. You will have access to this live round of the course at no cost! I will go through the course with you and there will be group coaching sessions every week. Group coaching calls will be recorded so you can watch after if you can’t make it live and you’ll be able to submit questions before!

You can absolutely choose to go at your own pace or do the course when it’s the best time for you! No need to do it live with the group if it doesn’t work for you!

Enrollment for this program will re-open in the fall of 2022 however it will be at a higher price and may not have the >$1,000 of bonuses that it does not.

All meal plans are totally customizable! I’m not a fan of super obscure ingredients and I always think about budget when picking recipes. If you have little ones who aren’t adventurous eaters these recipes can absolutely work as well. For example, if it’s Thai pasta night you can reserve some noodles to serve to the kiddos with the meat and veggies- sans sauce!

All breakfast, lunch and snack recipes are designed to serve 1 however you can scale them up easily by multiplying! Dinner recipes serve 4 but, again, you can divide them to reduce or multiply them to increase!

Yes! Gentle nutrition is completely customizable and in this program you’ll learn how to apply it to YOUR unique life. All recipes will have modifications for dietary needs such as plant-based diets and allergies. If you need anything else that’s what’s so great about being a founding member… you can just ASK for it! You truly get to ensure you get EXACTLY what you need!

I want to make sure you’re suuuuper happy with the program! So if after 7 days from the time you purchase you realize this isn’t your jam then no worries. You’ll get a full refund!

If you’re new to intuitive eating I’d recommend joining The SociEATy intuitive eating community where you can get a solid foundation before diving into gentle nutrition!

Shoot me an email at [email protected] let’s get it answered!

Diet Culture Doesn’t Own Nutrition, You Guys!

They don’t own green smoothies, salads, or veggies, either.

💥If ditching diets has left you in a state of full-blown REBELLION…

💥If you’re reaching for fries NOT because you really want them—a perfectly good reason to have fries!—but because you feel like choosing a salad means choosing diet culture…

💥Or if you’re still SHOVING veggies into places you don’t want ‘em because you feel like you’re “supposed to”…

Then girlie, you are READY for Non-Diet-y Nutrititon School!

Join Now & Get Lifetime Access for Just $297

This is a unique, limited-time offer you do NOT want to miss!

When you join now, you’ll ALWAYS have access to the most up-to-date version of
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Can’t stick out the full 6 weeks right now? Not ready to focus on nutrition and meal
prep yet? No worries! You can still join now to lock in the LOWEST PRICE I’ll ever offer
again, and hop on into the materials when you’re ready! You have lifetime access and
can start or press pause at any time.


2 monthly payments of $169

  • 6 weeks of nutrition guidance
  • 7 group coaching sessions
  • 8 weeks of a private community for support & guidance
  • 9 weeks of easy-to-execute, flexible, dietary needs friendly gentle nutrition focused meal plans and grocery lists
  • TONS of 30-minute recipes and grocery lists for major time savings
  • Lifetime access to ALL future updates and LIVE coaching sessions!

pay in full

one payment of $297

  • Includes all of the same benefits but at a $41 savings!

Gals Like You Are Loving Gentle Nutrition!

Guilt Isn’t An Ingredient. So Don’t Add It!

In my 6-week Non-Diet-y Nutrition School program, you’ll learn to take the morality OUT of food and make decisions that support your physical and mental health.

So you can eat in a way that FEELS good—body, mind, and soul—for life!

Challenge Prize Terms + Conditions

For each task you complete during this challenge you'll be entered to win the prize. Physical prizes are only available to those who live in the continental USA. Should you be a winner and reside outside of this area you will be provided with a comproable prize (ex: gift card or a free month inside the membership; prize is subject to disgression of The SociEATy and not able to be chosen by the winner) Winner will be chosen the following month after the challenge and the prize will typically be shipped withing ~1 month.

Testing Daily Prompt

Daily Journal Prompt
Write a letter to yourself 10 years ago, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you’re grateful for and wish you would have learned sooner?

Testing Daily Task List

Daily Tasks

tips to help honor your hunger

1. "Wake Up" Your Hunger Cues

In stage 3 of The SociEATy we talk about how to "awaken" your hunger cues. To do this you need to so something called "biological reconditioning" which includes eating every 3-6 hours, eating to satisfaction and including carbs, fat and protein.

2. Brain Rewiring

If your brain is saying "don't eat!" talk back to it. Rewire your thoughts like we discuss in stage 1 video 3. "My body deserves fuel and I don't need to feel guilty over that!"

3. Practice!

The best way to overcome the guilt and fear of honoring hunger is to DO. Ask yourself what is holding you back. Worry of weight? Checkout stage 1 & 2 for more info on this!

create an emotional eating toolbox

Now, for each emotion list 3-5 ways in which you can cope with that emotion in a constructive way. For example, if your emotion is boredom maybe you’d write: do a puzzle, paint my nails, walk the dog or start a new book. If it’s stress, maybe you’d say take 5 deep breaths, make a to-do list, journal about how you feel, step away from the stressful task and take a walk around the block. Do this for each of your emotions.

1. Write down common emotions you feel

This is just going to be a place for you to start, you can always add to it later as you begin to notice emotions arise.

2. Create an action plan for each emotion

When you feel emotional eating coming on ask yourself the following questions:

3. Now it's time to use your toolbox!

  • Am I hungry or do I have a specific craving? If so, eat!
  • What am I feeling? Can I identify the emotion?
  • What do I need? What tool from my emotional eating toolbox can I use?

how to be free from food guilt

1. Approach your thoughts with curious awareness.

Where did this thought come from? Is this thought serving me or helping me achieve my why? What do I know to be true about the thought itself or what this thought will lead me to?

2. Take this thought and ask: Is this true?

Just observe them without judgment. You can do this by imagining that these thoughts don’t necessarily come from you- because that’s the truth.

3. Now, reframe this thought.

Adjust it to match what you know to be a food freedom truth.

Use this 4 step thought assessment and reframing exercise to help overcome food guilt.

4. Reflect on the situation.

Did it feel better to your body honor your hunger, craving, etc? Do you feel empowered for listing to YOU and not diet culture?

tips to eat more mindfully

1. Limit Distractions

Try gain 1 even sense back (ex. listening to a podcast VS watching a video) It can be incredibly helpful! This may take some planning ahead.

2. Describe Your Meal

Pretend you'll descibe your meal to a friend after- pay super close attention!

3. Take A Break

Make a plan to pause 2-3x during your meal. Set your fork down, take a sip of water, and just take a moment to pause and reflect on the food itself and your physical sensations.

tips to help honor your fullness

1. Don't get too hungry

Typically you'll want to aim to fuel your body every 3-6 hours maximum to prevent this

2. Eat mindfully

Limit distractions while eating and check in with how the food tastes, smells, etc.

3. Practice self-talk

Remind yourself that you can have this food again and check in with how you might feel if you do/do not keep eating. What will feel good?