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Welcome to your new favorite community  ❤️

I’m Colleen…

I’m an ice cream eating, salad loving Registered Dietitian and founder of The SociEATy- one of the most popular online non-diet communities for women.

Whether you struggle with following restrictive food rules or feel totally out of control around food, you’re in the right place.  I’ve helped thousands of women learn how to stop dieting & following food rules, learn how eat intuitively and find food freedom that feels good.

If you’re looking to make peace with food and body… to eat NORMALLY… and get access to step-by-step video lessons, group coaching, workshops, and a group of supporitive girlfriends to help you along the way click below to join The SociEATY today- an exclusive society of women who actually EAT!

I’m so happy you’re here ❤️

XOXO, Colleen

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…so, how can I support your food freedom journey?

Allow me to introduce you to your new roadmap: The SociEATy 5 stage food freedom success path.

This success path will show you how to start to understand how to listen to your body and make food choices that allow your to feel fabulous both mentally and physically.

It took me 6 years to figure out how to actually eat intuitively.. which is way too long! So, once I figured out what worked (and what didn’t!) I put the exact blue print in The SociEATy just for you. So you can find food freedom WAY faster than I did.

You will easily work your way through videos, workbooks, workshops, checklists and links to guide your food freedom journey.

Not only will you get to-the-point resources and guidance but you’ll also have access to an entire community of cheerleaders within our exclusive community for daily support, guidance and accountability. I’m always just one question away!


The SociEATy Sales Page Success Path

The 5 Stage Success Path

A proven roadmap to ending the war with food and body while finding food freedom that feels good!


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stage 1

Learn how to stop letting diet culture influence you as well as strengthen & understand your hunger and fullness cues

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stage 2

 Break your food rules and begin to see all foods equally (not as “good” or “bad”!) while also overcoming emotional eating

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stage 3

Stop hating your body by learning how to respect & appreciate it while honoring it with joyful movement that you love

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stage 4

Apply gentle nutrition to your eating habits to foster both mental & physical health without obsession or a dieting mindset

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stage 5

Understand how to keep your new found freedom and keep diet culture out of your life for GOOD!

what else is included in your membership?

A monthly value of over $1,650 for as low as $24!!!

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group coaching

You’ll gain access to not one but two monthly group coaching sessions every single month!

During these group coaching sessions you’ll be able to get all of your burning question answered about your food freedom journey to help you move along as fast as possible!

All group coaching calls are recorded so if you can’t hop on live you can submit questions before and catch the replay!

private community

private community access

The private community is filled with women going through the same journey as you are! As part of our community you’ll always have a place to go to ask questions, get advice, and be inspired.

You’re not alone on this journey anymore and will have support and guidance every step of the way!



expert workshops

Learn from top experts in various fields such as mental health, nutrition, and fitness in order to create your on version of a non-diet, healthy lifestyle.

Each workshop has a video lesson as well as an accompanying workbook to allow you to really dive into the material. We have workshops planned for meditation, improving negative self-talk, gut health, raising intuitive eaters and women’s hormones!



exclusive recipe index 

One of the best parts of being an intuitive eater is having fun with food and trying new things! In The SociEATy we have a giant recipe index with over 100 exclusive recipes that are a mix of dietitian created recipes and member submitted recipes.

There is truly no recipe index out there quite like the one we have in here! We’ve got everything from veggie packed meal-prep to super fun and unique pizza casserole!

No matter what your preferences or dietary needs are we’ve got you covered!




Motivation is like bathing… you can’t just do it once and never expect to need it again! The SociEATy members always stay motivated towards their food freedom goals thanks to our 3-day mini challenges inside of the private community!

Plus, we have some seriously amazing prizes for these challenges like brand new air fryers! A total kitchen must!



discount directory

We’ve got exclusive discounts for everything from energy healing, color consults (do you know what colors allow your natural beauty to shine?!), pilates classes and so much more!

These discounts will help your craft a lifestyle that cultivates both mental and physical health & wellness. These discounts can’t be found anywhere else besides The SociEATy! 


win prizes

collect points & win prizes

As you work through the 5 stage success path you’ll gain points for every stage completed. 

As you gain points you’ll get access to exclusive bonuses like guided audio visualizations, exclusive on-demand pilates workout classes and advanced group coaching with Colleen!


This isn’t “A” place to learn how to eat intuitively…

this is THE place to learn how to eat intuitively. 

what The SociEATy members are saying:

Are you ready to get started, gorgeous?!


Get access to over $1,650 worth of materials and support

each month to guide your intuitive eating journey!

  • Those who want to become an intuitive eater
  • Those who want to stop binge eating
  • Those who want to end food restriction
  • Those who want to have a healthy relationship with exercise
  • Those who looking to live your happiest & healthiest life
  • Those who are looking for a fad diet or “quick fix”
  • Those who have an active eating disorder and need 1:1 attention
  • Those who unwilling to give up the pursuit of intentional weight loss and dieting
  • Those who not willing to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Those who won’t give up calorie/macro/point counting

Frequently Asked Questions 

I feel like I've tried intuitive eating.. Will this work?

No food rules is an ENTIRELY different approach to intuitive eating than what you see on social media. I don’t just tell you to eat a cupcake and move on. Nope. 🙅‍♀️Trust me, I did that and ended up just eating an entire box, going to bed, and doing the same thing the next day. I wasn’t ‘connecting the dots’ or learning anything! 😬

With my specific framework you learn how to connect those dots like it’s a freakin’ game of connect four. You re-wire your brain🧠, break food rules one by one (THIS IS SO KEY TO NOT JUST BINGE EATING!!!!!), and improve body image❤️. If you leave even just one of these out, you’re right. Probs won’t work. 🤷‍♀️Which why you learn how to do this in the SociEATy!

If I have no food rules, won’t I just gain a ton of weight!?!?

We’re weight neutral in The SociEATy. When you listen to your body your weight will fall where it feels best- mentally and physically (i.e. your set point weight!). Yes, if you come from a background of heavy restriction you may need to gain weight in order for your body to function optimally. But, if you come from the restrict-binge cycle and are continuously experiencing binge eating, weight loss may happen.

For some? Their weight is simply maintained. Our bodies are DNA programmed to be a weight that they function optimally at. Yes, they don’t want to be smaller but they also don’t want to be BIGGER! Your body WON’T continue to gain weight past where it wants to be IF YOU ARE LISTENING.

That last piece is key… remember the “social media way” of intuitive eating? Yeah… that’s where the problems come in… you eat the foods without truly listening and reflecting!

What about cancelations and refunds?

You can cancel your membership at any time! There are no refunds but there is a free 3 day trial!

Can I join if I don't live in the US?

Absolutely! We have SociEATy members from all around the world! If you can’t make a group coaching call live it will be recorded. You won’t miss out!

Do I need to have a Facebook?

The exclusive members only community is housed in a Facebook group. I highly recommend creating a Facebook, even if you just use it for this! However if you wish to not be on Facebook you’ll still have access to all of the stage materials and coaching calls (those are done via Zoom!).

What if my question isn't listed here?

No worries, gorgeous! Shoot an email to [email protected] and let’ s chat!

Let’s do it!

Get access to over $1,650 of guidance & support each month for as low as $24!